Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Wait -Big Meals!

First I was starving and the reservation for "Hash House" is a whole hour plus of agony. Although after seeing the lines of hungry faces outside of the restaurant I was assured that my situation was not a unique one. I wanted to whine about why we have to eat at this exact spot...but oh no! It's the pride of San Diego...the must eat place when you have moved on from places like IHOP in the morning.
Apparently "Hash House" prides themselves in Keeping the fun in food by creating twisted farm food. Their service after the wait was quite excellent.

Anyhow, after a seemingly eternity hour long wait, I ordered:
House roasted chicken w/ mushroom,
sliced market yellow tomato all crowned
w/ basil pesto cream and two basted eggs
It's hard  to see how huge this is from the pic but that plate looks like a tray...I took most of it to go and ate it three other times before it finished...but in all, it tastes really good and definitely worth the wait.

And my brave companion went for the kill:

Roasted Pork Tenderloin, charred tomato,
corn, baby green beans and mozzarella

Now this was the biggest, probably in the room because it became the conversation in the room, at least two other customers took a pic of the mountain of food...lol


Anonymous said...

OMIGOSH!!! IT LOOKS HUGE!!! Hahahaha, my boyfriend would love it. He considers himself a professional over orderer :).

Thank you so much for putting made-to-travel in your daily reads. That is the biggest compliment any blog can get and I am so honored. Really, really.

Hugs to you.

Stella Kodi said...

You're so welcome...btw you don't even have to been a professional orderer for at this place...it's just their thing to pull out a ginormous portion for every order...

thanks and do stop by again!