Monday, August 13, 2012

Ready | Set | Sail

It has been ages since I last posted anything here...and it's amazing how time flies regardless of what you do or not do. But here I am again finding that excitement again to share with you whatever I've been fascinated by these will take some organization to even start to post long lost I will just start from this moment.

 My 5days | August 2012 Itinerary
Arriving at MIA from LAX seemed like a short no-scuffle-flight.
It was lovely being back in MIA after a few years. My cruise leaves from port of miami, so it was only wise to come in a day earlier to spend at least 24hrs with family. As much as I call my self an ex-Floridian, it occurred to me that I was much younger then, didn't drive, and definitely didn't quite explore the city. So this time I drove around in the limited time I had.
Stay tuned for more update on this trip. I've missed blogging for a while now. For more on what Jen and Moi wore each here


making our way aboard the Carnival-Destiny
waiting for the ship to sail away
 The awesome Cabin-6-199

Room service...except that 5piece of salmon translated to 5different
(I wonder what they thought of us in the kitchen)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Once in a lifetime Photo moments

Now isn't this one of those awe worthy moments.
 How cool is it that a full moon takes its perfect spot among
the Olympic rings hanging under the Tower Bridge on August 3rd.
Photograph by REUTERS | Luke MacGrego

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Venice Beach en Route - Busbys Lounge

It was a sunny day out and finally the long awaited trip to Venice Beach that I've put off for seemed as though everyone that talks about beach in california have to mention I scribbled it into my "to visit list." Sadly, by the time I made it there, the sun was slowly diminishing and then comes the wind and cold...I had my summer shorts on, Thanks to previous history, I wore flats...not the usual heels. I still had fun with- people watching...all kinds of characters, they had some interesting shops, arts, and of course always someone telling you to legalize MariJ.
I'm pretty glad I stopped by on the way to Busbys Lounge...which was interesting to say the least.
The Venice- in Venice Beach

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

When I think of Memorial day...I don't like to think about the celebration having to do with war. I just honestly dislike the outcome of war...Heroism doesn't have to be a thing of destruction and debilitating effects...So today I celebrate "PEACE" unto all those that seek it. And to those who mourn the absence of and loss of their loved ones.

BOSTON:Park/Newbury St.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Wait -Big Meals!

First I was starving and the reservation for "Hash House" is a whole hour plus of agony. Although after seeing the lines of hungry faces outside of the restaurant I was assured that my situation was not a unique one. I wanted to whine about why we have to eat at this exact spot...but oh no! It's the pride of San Diego...the must eat place when you have moved on from places like IHOP in the morning.
Apparently "Hash House" prides themselves in Keeping the fun in food by creating twisted farm food. Their service after the wait was quite excellent.

Anyhow, after a seemingly eternity hour long wait, I ordered:
House roasted chicken w/ mushroom,
sliced market yellow tomato all crowned
w/ basil pesto cream and two basted eggs
It's hard  to see how huge this is from the pic but that plate looks like a tray...I took most of it to go and ate it three other times before it finished...but in all, it tastes really good and definitely worth the wait.

And my brave companion went for the kill:

Roasted Pork Tenderloin, charred tomato,
corn, baby green beans and mozzarella

Now this was the biggest, probably in the room because it became the conversation in the room, at least two other customers took a pic of the mountain of